Data Management

How To Check Your Data Usage:


  • Here are the steps to set up your router to track your data usage:
  • Make sure you are connected to your Router
  • Open up a browser using Chrome, Firefox, etc
  • Type in the following to the URL of the web browser:
  • Enter the password to the modem the default password is: admin ( all lower case)
  • You will be on the main page. Look in the lower left-hand corner orange box that says statistics. CLICK ON IT. Daily Reset enter 23:59
  • Daily Reset Time Management – Enable
  • Click Apply to the right Clear Data Day per Month: 18th (for Rural  plan) 1st for the Urban Plan
  • Click Apply to the right of it.
  • Data Management – Enable
  • Data Type: Data
  • Below Data, Type click the first paper/pencil icon
  • Change the dropbox to GB then click the green checkmark.
  • Click on the next paper/pencil icon and put 95%
  • Click the green checkmark
  • Click on the last paper/pencil icon
  • Put 200 and switch to GB then click the green checkmark.
  • Click Apply Below. Scroll up and click on the left-back arrow button to go back to the main screen and you can see the Pie Chart for the Data Tracker. (Use 200 GB is recommended here)


  • Make sure you are connected to the routers wifi connection – (log in info is on the bottom of the router.)
  • Open a browser like google chrome or firefox
  • Enter Ip Address and password on the bottom of the router
  • On the main Gui page – go to Status -then Basic – LTE Status – Sent /Received – total LTE usage counter from when the device was reset.

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