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GotW3 Promotions Wide Band Directional Antenna Installation

If you live WAY Off the grid or just want to boost your performance, the Wide Band Directional Antenna is what you want. Our outdoor wide band directional antenna can be used in those remote areas that have poor tower coverage and reception. Improve your GotW3 Internet Service with a Wide Band Directional Antenna.

How to change my default WiFi Passphrase 1234567890:

Your gotW3 router comes with a default WiFi Passphrase of 1234567890.  This video explains how to customize that passphrase to your desired passphrase of your choice.

How to change my routers LOGIN PASSWORD:

This video explains how to change your gotW3 routers login password.  Your gotW3 default login password is ‘admin’.  Most people want to change this to a more secure password of their choice.

How to remotely reset my router to FACTORY SETTINGS:

This video describes how to RESET your router to FACTORY SETTINGS through the routers GUI Interface. Keep in mind you can also RESET to FACTORY SETTINGS using a paperclip to depress the pinhole RESET BUTTON in the back of the router by the POWER BUTTON.

How to change Network Selection from 3G 4G to LTE Only:

This video explains how to change your gotW3 routers Network Selection from ‘3G/4G Only’ to ‘LTE Only’.  This ensures your best bandwidth data connection.

How to change 'PING WWW GOOGLE COM' enabled setting:

This video describes how to keep your router live with the cell tower of choice.  Idle times of your service will cause the router to sleep, turn on this setting to keep your connection live all the time.

How to remotely RESTART my router:

This video describes how to remotely RESTART or POWER CYCLE your router.


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